Academic work

Definition of 'public space'

Essay: What are the rewards and challenges of pursuing creative public geographies?

Exhibition proposal

Essay on Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) and public space

Essay on psychogeography and critical engagement with urban spaces

Essay on geocaching and re-imagining the city

Undergraduate dissertation research


Selected undergraduate coursework projects

Interactions with Monuments and the Production of Space in Dublin

Virtual natures and identity essay

UK Labour Market Change Since the Recession: The Impacts on Male and Female Jobseekers Throughout the UK

Comparing monthly variations in tropospheric lapse rate in north-west and south-east UK for 2012

Selected undergraduate essays

"Inspection rather than disciplinary surveillance is the distinguishing mark of liberal governmentality in Victorian Britain." Discuss.

"The rationality of Victorian licensing was profoundly spatial." Discuss.

Critically assess the ways in which the state and voluntary organisations sought to regulate women in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Critically assess the extent to which the City of London should be considered a 'state within a state'.

With the use of examples, examine the spatial practices by which citizenship is both constructed and challenged.

How far has the Eurodollar market challenged the orthodoxy of state-based financial regulation?